If there's one thing that burns me up more than just about anything, it's government building a monument to themselves in the form of some new commodity or service, promoted under the standard guise of being "for the good of the people," but is, in reality, nothing more than the ambition of a few elite who are in position to get rich — and "sell" this product to the taxpayer.

No better example than the tentacles of our transportation systems. That system only operates because people who never use it are forced to pay. If it were a viable idea, an entrepreneur would have been earning legitimate profits. Government took over when it failed (having a guaranteed income), and it's been failing ever since, and killing any private business thoughts.

Now we're told about something called "UTOPIA," another effort by ambitious people, who have also learned to charge us for building a failed telecommunications system. The name should have been a clue. When are we going to say, "It is enough!" Why weren't the "management practices" of such an enterprise known before millions of forced taxpayer dollars were committed to them?

David Smith North

West Jordan