Scott G. Winterton, File, Deseret News
In this Feb. 15 file photo, Unified Police have a presence outside Herriman High School Wednesday.

After attending the heated and emotion-packed Truth in Taxation hearing to raise taxes to re-fund the Unified Police Department, I still don't know where the money went that used to pay for the Sheriff's Department.

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As far as I can tell, the county mayor and council spent those taxes on other county projects that are less popular than police protection, leaving the UPD unfunded without raising taxes. They spent our tax dollars on things far less important than police protection.

Two years ago, they shifted funding for the UPD to a very unpopular user fee that from now on will be paid for by a 14 percent increase in my property taxes. I can't afford them any longer. November is only three months away when we can change things. Peter Carroon needs to step down. Mark Crockett is a proven tax fighter and budget hound with the guts to face reality. I can't afford anything less.

Lee Brinton