I was at LifeWay Christian Books poking around the other day when I stuck my finger on a little book called "How Should Christians Vote?" by Tony Evans, a biblical scholar and radio minister.

At first I thought it might be a tongue-in-cheek book — you know, a book that, when you open it, there are only two words inside: "Mike Huckabee."

But the book wasn't written by a wiseguy.

It was written by a wise man.

In the opening paragraph Evans says the question we should ask isn't "Who should I vote for?" but "How should I vote?" Evans goes on to say Republicans have some positions that are compatible with God's Kingdom, but they also have some worldly ways. And Democrats have worldly aspects, but they also embrace ideas compatible with the Kingdom.

I liked that notion.

I bought the book and began reading.

Here are some other "voting notions" I gleaned from Evans:

Under God's rule, he has created governmental systems that consist of four distinct realms: individual, family, church and civil government. … Civil government is to support, not replace, the institutions of family and church.

Our citizenship is in heaven (see Philippians 3:20). That is our home. That is the kingdom to which we belong. We just work down here. Understanding this key spiritual truth is fundamental to all we do, and how we vote, on earth.

We fear the wrong entity when we fear government above God.

We must be careful not to drape the cross with the American flag.

People often say, "What difference can one person make?" Let me ask you, "What difference can one spark make in a dry forest?"

The church must model righteous actions through good deeds so that civil government can see the Kingdom of God at work.

Comment on this story

God is not merely a God of Democrats. Nor is He merely a God of Republicans. God does not ride the backs of either donkeys or elephants. Like the captain of the Lord's army, God didn't come to take sides. He came to take over.

I get asked a lot, "Tony Evans, what are you?" My answer is always the same. "I vote according to what God says on the matter." If that means the issue is abortion, then I vote pro-life (whether that be Republican or Democrat). Yet if the issue is justice, I vote for justice (whether that be Republican or Democrat). Model yourself after God — the consummate independent who always votes for himself.

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