By now you know whether the latest Internet scam has thrown you back into the 1950s.

If so, enjoy the ride, and try not to give away all the I Love Lucy plots before people can see them.

Say what you want about the '50s, at least no one back then could devise something that would make all the typewriters stop working at once.

When Al Gore invented the Internet, you think he would have been more careful about security, maybe putting the key in a lock box.

Think politics is simple? Republicans were quick to jump all over President Obama after the Supreme Court said Obamacare raised taxes. But Mitt Romney's adviser had to defend Obama because he didn't want to concede Romney raised taxes with the same type of law in Massachusetts. Then finally, Romney admitted Obamacare does raise taxes after all. In plain English, if it isn't a tax, you can't make attacks.

So, does this mean Romney was in favor of the Obamacare tax before he was against it? Will John Kerry be his running mate?

The president, meanwhile, seems to act as if talking about health care is making him sick. "Let's keep moving forward. Nothing to see here."

And the latest unemployment report? "I said, just keep moving."

Considering the state was one giant torch during the Fourth of July, "Stadium of Fire" seemed an unfortunate choice of a name.

"Stadium of cool water and refuge" may have been more appealing.

The annual fireworks extravaganza in Provo featured the Beach Boys. Perhaps a more appropriate choice would have been Earth, Wind and Fire.

After target shooters and people parking cars on grass started fires, Gov. Gary Herbert lamented there was no way to outlaw "stupid." But then a fire near Alpine was started when a track hoe struck a rock. Face it, nobody in Utah should be allowed to move or touch anything for at least two months.

Meanwhile, the USOC announced it won't make a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, ending Salt Lake City's plans to be the host city that year. That's too bad. The state seemed to be turning itself into one giant Olympic torch to plead its case.

Mayan calendars supposedly pinpoint the end of the world as Dec. 21 of this year. Coincidentally, the I-15 project in Utah County is scheduled for completion in December. Anyone want to lay odds on whether the freeway will be finished before the world ends?

I hope the state negotiated a clause that says it won't have to pay contractors if the planet ceases to exist before work is done.

The Utah Judicial Council may soon rule that cameras should be allowed in state courtrooms. So much for that sketch artist's degree you were working on.

If that rule passes, courts will have to schedule trials so they don't compete head-to-head with Judge Judy.

Jay Evensen is the associate editor of the Deseret News editorial page. Follow him on Twitter @jayevensen. Visit his web site at