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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

It really concerns me when I read or hear about people who are President Obama fans and the lists they make about all the good he has done positively for the country. Have they really researched his claims?

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Everything he claims to have done to improve jobs, economy, gas prices, health care, etc. is just hype to me and him boosting his ego. I ask these citizens to please read Mitt Romney's "No Apology." I think he is a lot more in touch with the common citizen than is played up by the media.

Romney has done his homework and knows what is really going on in this country. He may not be able to turn things around in one term, but I feel he has the common sense to get things going in the right direction. I really worry about my children and grandchildren and what they are facing in the future if things continue as they are now.

Shirlene J. Hundley