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Jonathan Hardy/BYU, Jonathan Hardy/BYU
Bronco Mendenhall and many of the players were interview in the breakout sessions of the BYU Football Media Day.


BYU held its football media day, last week, broadcasting to 103 countries via BYUtv.

It was believed to be the earliest media day in school history. In fact, in any school's history.

Normally such events are reserved for late July.

Not to nitpick, but if it's early for Americans, how interesting could it be for the 102 non-football countries that were watching?


Cougar coach Bronco Mendenhall reiterated that he'd like to play Utah on an annual basis.

He called it "an intriguing match-up, one of the best rivalries in the world, in any sport, and to think it might go away doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

Rock On is predicting it will make more sense if Utah starts demanding 2-for-1s.


The City of San Francisco has agreed to pay $150,000 to study whether America's Cup racing boats will frighten birds in the bay.

In a related note, the city has also agreed to pay $210,000 to study whether Barry Bonds' scowl is frightening residents into moving to Arizona.


A Major League Soccer game between the Columbus Crew and Real Salt Lake was nearly delayed, due to the power outage in Ohio on Saturday.

RSL lost 2-0, making it three straight MLS losses and four in the last five games overall.

So, yeah, Columbus isn't the only place the lights are out.


The first annual World Burping Championships were held, last week, with the winning belch lasting 18.1 seconds.

Which is almost exactly the same amount of time it will take for Usain Bolt to win two heats at the Summer Olympics.


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Sportscurmudgeon.com's Jack Finarelli on the burping winner: "His mother must be awfully proud of him."


The Ninth Annual World Naked Bike Ride was held, last month, to protest fossil fuel dependence.

And you thought biking shorts and shirts were a bad look ...


Sentenced to nine months at a drug treatment facility and six months in a halfway house, former No. 2 NFL pick Ryan Leaf offered this self-analysis: "I'm lazy, and dishonest and selfish. These were behaviors I had before my addiction kicked in."

So why isn't he running for office?

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