President Barack ,Obama has of course, decided to not enforce the immigration laws when it comes to children who were brought to this country illegally. My point here is not to debate the merits of these laws, but to debate the idea that our elected officials can ignore laws that have been passed by our elected officials.

It seems to me when Obama chooses to do this, he is deciding to ignore the legislative and judicial branches of our government. There is a reason why our Founding Fathers set up three branches of government, checks and balances being the main reason. When one of these branches decides to dictate and ignore the other two branches, then we are discounting and violating the Constitution.

If a president doesn't approve of a particular law, then there is a process to change it. To just ignore it is not that process. I feel whether one is a Democrat or Republican that one should be totally upset. This is democracy and not a dictatorship.

Scott Miles

Salt Lake City