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Jason Olson, Deseret News
Cities across Utah are issuing firework bans for holidays.

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Additional information about fire and fireworks restrictions can be found on local city and town websites, as well as the Utah Fire Marshal's list on the Utah Department of Public Safety website.

Beaver County


Any aerial fireworks that shoot greater than 10 feet in height are banned withink Milford city limits. Fireworks that don't rise fewer than 10 feet in the air are permitted on private property that has at least 10 feet of clearance. For more information go to MilfordUt.com.

Cache County

Hyde Park

All areas east of 400 East from South border to North of the city is restricted.


All areas east of 1300 East are restricted.


All areas west of 2400 West and east of 800 East are restricted.


All areas north of 400 North and east of 1700 East, south of 400 North and east of 1400 East are restricted.


All areas east of 550 East are restricted.


All areas east of Hollow Road are restricted.

North Logan

All areas east of 1600 East from the South border to the North border of the city are restricted.


All areas east of 100 East are restricted.


All areas east of 400 East and all areas south of Canyon Road and 600 South are restricted.


All areas east of 300 East are restricted.

River Heights

All areas east of 1000 East are restricted.


All areas east of 700 East from the Southern border of the city to Center Street, east of 470 East from Center Street to Canyon Road, east of 300 East from 200 North to the Northern border of the city are restricted.


All areas west of 200 West from Northern city boundary to 900 South and all areas south of 900 South to the Eastern city boundary are restricted.

Carbon County

Fireworks, fires, other than campfires with facilities provided, cutting, welding or grinding metal in dry vegetation within Carbon County is prohibited. For more information visit: Carbon.Utah.gov.

Daggett County

The county has restricted the use of all fireworks for the entire county. No personal fireworks can be set off in the county. The countys Freedom Festival Firework Event on July 7 will still be held. For more information go to DaggettCounty.org.

Davis County


Fireworks have been banned east of Bountiful Boulevard and north of 400 North Street, east of 900 East Street.


Neighborhoods nearest to the mountains in Centerville have fireworks restrictions, Including everything east of Island View Dr., 700 East, Hughes St., 400 East, 300 East, 225 East and Park Hills Dr. For more information and a map go to SDMetroFire.org.

Fruit Heights

Fireworks are banned in areas east of Mountain road/1600 East. For more details go to http://bit.ly/FruitHeights">FruitHeightsCity.com.

Kaysville City

Restrictions on where fireworks can be set-off in Kaysville can be found at KaysvilleCity.com.


Layton City Fire Department is enacting a restriction on the use of aerial fireworks in portions of Layton City.

The affected areas include the following:

East of 2000 E. from the south city limits to Cherry Lane.

East of Fairfield Rd. north of Cherry Lane to Church St.

East of Church St. from Fairfield Rd. to Highway 193

East of 2400 E. from Highway 193 to the north city limits

North of 3450 N. to the city limits, east of 2000 E.

All fireworks are prohibited east of Highway 89 based on city ordinance.

North Salt Lake

Firework restriction are in place for neighborhoods on the southern end of North Salt Lake. For a map of the areas that fireworks are not allowed visit SDMetroFire.org.

South Weber City

Aerial fireworks have been restricted on the Layton/South Weber border and no fireworks are allowed east of Highway 89. Visit SoutherWeberCity.com for more information.


There are no firework restrictions for Syracuse.

Duchesne County

Duchesne City

The city adopted parts the State if Utahs Fire Restriction Order, including a ban on all fireworks.


Following the fire restriction order by the state forester Myton city decided to ban the discharge of fireworks of any kind. For more information visit the Utah Fire Marshal's list of firwork restrictions.

Roosevelt and Ballard

The Roosevelt City Fire Chief has prohibited the use of fireworks in all incorportated areas of Roosevelt City and Ballard City. For more information go to RooseveltCity.com.

Emery County

Green River

All fireworks are banned in the city. Fireworks will only be allowed to be set off on the Fourth of July before the city fireworks program.

Garfield County


The Panguitch Fire Department and City Council banned personal fireworks for the 2012 season.

Grand County


All fireworks, combustible materials or any fire source including smoking are prohibited within 150 feet of Mill Creek and Pack Creek in Moab. For more information go to MoabCity.State.Ut.Us.

Iron County

Cedar City

Fireworks are restricted in the entire city except in the following areas:

The asphalt parking lot to the north of the bicentennial softball fields

The asphalt parking lot to the west of the Cedar City Aquatic Center

The asphalt parking lot on the south side of Canyon View High School

The asphalt parking lot on the south side of Cedar High School

The asphalt parking lot at Iron Springs Elementary


All fireworks have been banned in Paragonah until further notice

Juab County


Nephi City has prohibited the discharge of fireworks east of I-15 and on any city-owned property outside the city limits.

Morgan County


The Morgan Fire Department banned all ignition sources, including fireworks, because of extremely dry conditions and current and forecasted weather conditions.

Piute County


Marysvale town has cancelled the towns fireworks for the 24th of July due to the extremely dry conditions.

Rich County

Garden City

All fireworks have been banned from being used in Garden City

Salt Lake County


The fire ban issued by the Utah State Forester encompasses all land withink the Town of Alta. The town has endorsed and adopted these restrictions.

Cottonwood Heights

A number of areas in Cottonwood Heights have fireworks restrictions including everything east of Wasatch Blvd. For a complete list of all the areas in the city that have firework restrictions visit CottonwoodHeights.Utah.gov.


Fireworks are not allowed east of 1300 East, south of 13800 South, west of the I-15 freeway and in the area around the Mehraban Wetlands Park. For more information and a map visit Draper.Ut.Us.


Aerial fireworks have been banned within city limits. Ground fireworks can still be used on cement, asphalt or similar hard surfaces with emergency water nearby. For more information go to CityofHolladay.com.


Fireworks are banned from the Jordan River Trail that passes through Midvale City as well as the southwest corner of the city. Visit the Utah Fire Marshal's list of cities with restrictions and click on the Midvale link for more information.


Fireworks are banned on the Murray Parkway Trail and anywhere within 300 feet of the trail. They are also banned within 300 feet and in Murray Park as well as withink 300 feet of Wheeler Farm.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has banned fireworks all areas east of Foothill Drive; the University of Utah campus; all areas north of South Temple to State Street and North Temple to 200 West; City Creek Canyon; City parks and all areas west 0f I-215. For more information go to SLCFire.com.

Sandy City

There are a number of areas throughout Sandy where fireworks cannot be discharged, including parks and urban interface areas. For a detailed map of the more than 30 areas where they are banned visit Sandy.Utah.gov.

South Jordan

Fireworks are prohibited within a city or county park or open space without a permit, within 200 feet of the natural vegetation border of the Bingham Creek open space and trail system and within 200 feet of the western boundary of the Jordan River Parkway. For more information go to SJC.Utah.gov.


Fireworks are prohibited in most parks and wildland urban interface areas. For a map of the restricted areas visit the Utah Fire Marshals restricted fireworks list and click on the Taylorsville link.

West Jordan (Bingham Creek)

Fireworks restricted in all areas within 200 feet of Bingham Creek. Located near Old Bingham Hghway running the length of the east/west boundaries within West Jordan. Fireworks are also banned in the Clay Hollow Wash.

West Valley City

Fireworks are banned in areas of the city that are west of Utah 111.

Sanpete County


All fireworks have been banned within the city limits of Ephraim. For more information visit EphraimCity.org.


Discharge of any and all fireworks are prohibited within city limits.

Summit County


All fireworks, as of July 1, are banned in Coalville. The city has also decided to cancel its fireworks show because of the fire danger.

Park City

Fireworks are banned in all canyon and trail areas in Park City as well in the following areas:

Aerie's Subdivision.

Bear Hollow Subdivision.

Canyons Resort.

Deer Valley Area.

Glenwild Subdivision.

Jeremy Ranch Subdivision.

Moose Hollow Area.

Park City Mountain Resort.

Pinebrook Subdivision.


Red Hawk.

Round Valley Area.

Silver Creek Area.

Stage Coach Estates.

Summit Park Area.

Sun Peak Area.

Thaynes Canyon.

Timberline Subdivision.

West side of Old Town.

Any areas that contain dry grass or that may lead to the quick spread of fire.

Utah County


The city of Alpine has banned all fireworks within city limits.

Cedar Fort

Fireworks and fire within the town limits are restricted.

Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain City is banning fireworks from the following subdivisions: Lake Mountain Road, Cedar Pass Ranch, North Ranch, Ruby Valley, Lone Tree, Kiowa Valley, Eagle Top, Point Lookout, Hidden Canyon, Fremont Springs, Meadow Ranch, Valley View, and White Hills.

Elk Ridge

Fireworks are banned in the entire city of Elk Ridge.


Areas in Genola that have firework restrictions are all areas south if Highway 6 withink Genola Town limits, all areas east of 800 East to 1200 North, all areas of Hillside Drive and continuing on 1600 North to Main Street and all areas east of Lake Road within the boundaries of Genola Town limits. For more information go to Genola.org.


There are no additional firework restrictions in the city of Orem.


Fireworks are banned in all of Payson except for in the Payson City Center parking lots, Memorial Park parking lots and Orchard Hills Ball Park parking lot.

Pleasant Grove

Aerial fireworks are banned in all areas east of the Murdock Canal from the south boundary of Pleasant Grove City to 1100 North and east of 100 East from 1100 North to the north boundary of Pleasant Grove City. These defined areas represent the neighborhoods of Battle Creek, Grove Creek, Big Spring and a small portion of Manila. For more information go to PLGrove.org.


Fireworks are prohibited for the majority of the east side of Provo as well as most city parks and BYU Campus. For a detailed map of areas with fireworks restrictions and parks where fireworks are permitted visit: SpanishFork.org.


All fireworks have been banned in the city until conditions improve. The city celebration on July 18 is still scheduled. If extreme fire conditions continue the city may cancel the July 18 event.

Spanish Fork

Fireworks are prohibited in all industrial areas of the city as well as in all areas south of the Spanish Fork River from the west end of the Spanish Oaks Golf Course and eastwardly to the city limits. For more information go to SpanishFork.org.


Fireworks are restricted starting at 1400 North Main (State Road 75) East to 150 East, South to 1150 North then East to Millpond Drive then South to 400 North 400 East. Then East to 800 East and South to 200 North. East to 1170 East and follow 180 North to 1300 East Center. Follow 1300 East to Canyon road then East to 2450 East Canyon Road and proceed South to the Springville/Mapleton boundary line. For more information visit the Utah Fire Marshals list of cities with restrictions and select the Springville link.

Washington County

Apple Valley

Fireworks are not allowed within city limits. Legal fireworks may be discharged on the Smithsonian Fire Department grounds, located at 1777 North Meadowlark Drive.


The city has requested that residents refrain from using fireworks and starting fires.


Due to the extremely high fire danger this year, the City of Hurricane has canceled its July 4 fireworks display. Discharge of fireworks within Hurricane City limits will be prohibited at all times except for on July 4 and July 24, between the hours of 11 a.m. and Midnight, the discharge of fireworks will be allowed only at the following locations:

Spilsbury Park Ball field

American Legion Ball field

Three Falls Park

Poineer Park


The only location within the city limits of LaVerkin where you may discharge fireworks is Wanless Park. For more information go to LaVerkin.org.

Pine Valley

Pine Valley is an unincorporated city, because of this it falls under the state forester restriction and all fireworks are banned.

St. George

Fireworks are banned in the majority of St. George, including Diamond Valley. For a detailed map of the banned areas visit SGCity.org.


The use or discharge of any fireworks is prohibited in all areas of Washington located north and/or east of I-15, and all areas south of Telegraph and east of Washington Fields Rd. (300 East). No aerial fireworks may be discharged within the incorporated limits of Washington City including the approved fireworks discharge areas.

Weber County

The fire chiefs and fire marshals of Weber Fire District, North View, Ogden, South Ogden Fire Departments and the Weber State University issued restrictions of fireworks and open fires on June 7 and will remain in effect until October 1. The restricted areas are all areas east Harrison Blvd. from approximately 5400 S, North to Mountain Road, north to 3300 North. Then north of 3300 North to the Ogden Brigham Canal and north of the Ogden Brigham Canal to the north county line at SR 89.


The following areas are banned from setting off fireworks:

All areas east of Harrison Boulevard from the north city boundary to the south city boundary.

All wooded areas along the River Parkway beginning at Harrison Blvd and continuing along the pathways to the west city boundary and the south city boundary. This also includes all associated parks along the River corridor.

All of Fort Buenaventura, the city baseball park and dog park area located off of A Ave.

The old landfill property located at approx. 2550 A Ave., near Fort Buenaventura.

All open fields, vacant lots, wooded areas, and brush covered hillsides throughout the city.

Pleasant View

No fireworks are allowed above the Ogden-Brigham Canal in Pleasnt View.

Riverdale and Washington Terrace

Fireworks are banned in areas east of the Weber River on the south end of the city and extending north to include all areas east of 700 West to the River Glen subdivision. In conjunction with Washington Terrace, the restrictions include the east bench area of both cities going north to the 300 West and Riverdale Road intersection. For more information and a map go to RiverdaleCity.com.

Additional information about fire and fireworks restrictions can be found on local city and town websites, as well as the Utah Fire Marshal's list on the Utah Department of Public Safety website.