Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Emergency responders work on a wild land fire started by target shooting that threatened homes in Saratoga Springs Friday, June 22, 2012.

We can argue all we want about the responsibility of wildfires. The bottom line is that we all pay for these fires in one way or another. We pay as taxpayers. We pay when insurance companies cover homes and property. We pay when we have to leave our homes and wait anxiously to see when and whether we can return to that home.

If a target shooter says he acts responsible but shoots on a windy day, under hot and dry conditions, is that really being responsible? Gov. Gary Herbert said that only 20 target shooters started fires and 380 others started the rest of the fires, but the dump fire has cost us over $1 million to fight. So was that target shooting really worth the cost?

It seems that for the rest of the summer we need to put a halt to outdoor fires in dry areas, and only allow target shooting at controlled shooting ranges. Remember, we all end up paying for the cause of fires.

Lee T. Romrell

West Jordan