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Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch and Dan Liljenquist make small talk before participating in the only debate being held before the Utah primary election at KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday, June 15, 2012.

So the big debate happened, and what I heard is exactly why Sen. Orrin Hatch doesn't want to have any more debates. Hatch had three answers. First, I will use my chairmanship for the benefits of Utah. Second, I have been behind everything that is good that the federal government has done during my tenure. Third, you can't blame me for the negative things that have come out of D.C. during my tenure.

So the first answer suggests that we should send him back so he can wheel and deal with other committees/senators. It's a corrupt system; let us make sure we can have an individual at the table to watch out for us. Does that really sound like "Utah values?"

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The second and the third answers are related problems. The Senate is so well-known for its wheeling and dealing that all senators face such questions because in order to get a bill passed, they have to fill it with various things that corrupt our republic to satisfy others in the legislative process. Why can't it be kept simple?

So the vote comes to this: Vote for Hatch if you want to continue business as usual or vote for a fresh person that wants to see things change.

Either way, the money is not there for business as usual, and I would request that we not wheel and deal at the expense of more than a couple of generations.

Jack Scherbel