Sen. Orrin Hatch's balanced budget amendment has many loopholes with phrases such as: "Congress may waive," "unless," "except," "estimates." It does not reduce the national debt principal and does not take effect until five years after ratification. Besides, no amendment can force Congress to balance the budget, and if the budget is not balanced, then it would be another example of Congress ignoring the Constitution.

Hatch ignored the Constitution by introducing an unconstitutional bill to give the District of Columbia a voting member in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Politicians who have served more than 18 years should not be re-elected; they are too susceptible to special interests, as we have seen.

Compared with junior Sen. Mike Lee, Utah's senior Sen. Orrin Hatch has been very quiet on national TV and unwilling to debate Dan Liljenquist on prime-time TV.

After Hatch's 36 years in the Senate, it is time for a change. Liljenquist is the right choice and has my vote; he will diligently and honestly work to resolve the nation's budget problems, and earnestly represent his constituents in Utah.

E. Grant Rees