As a small business owner, I'm very concerned about the state of our economy and the future of this country. I've met with people in their homes around our country and have seen first hand the struggles that good hard working Americans are facing today. People are really hurting, and we need strong leadership to get our country back on track.

I am supporting Sen. Orrin Hatch as our Senior U.S. senator. We need Hatch's leadership in the Senate and Finance Committee now more than ever. Hatch has always been committed to fiscal conservatism and has sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment 15 times. President Reagan nicknamed him, "Orrin Mr. Balanced Budget." Together with Mitt Romney in the Oval office, Hatch can lead the way to passing the Balanced Budget Amendment.

Our country desperately needs tax relief for the middle class and small businesses so our economy can recover. We must encourage investments in the private sector and the creation of new jobs. To do this we need Hatch providing the appropriate leadership on the Finance Committee to reform and simplify our tax codes. As a result of the current tax burden, many companies are finding it more difficult to hire full-time employees.

The additional costs due to government regulations, taxes and Obamacare have made it increasingly more cost prohibitive to hire employees we need. We need Hatch's leadership now more than ever.

Scott Montgomery

Woods Cross