There is a prominent vacant lot in Bountiful that is frequented by political signs each election season. We are friends of the owners of this property, and we asked them if they would be willing to allow us to place some signs there. They were very supportive of this. Unfortunately, several "Retire Hatch" signs that we placed there have been stolen. Then after having been replaced they were defaced to say "Re Hire Hatch."

Finally, they were stolen once more, as were several Dan Liljenquist signs. I understand that we are all entitled to an opinion, and as far as I understand it, that means me, too.

These childish games (or should I say crimes) are especially comical coming from supporters of an alleged sage and statesman like Sen. Orrin Hatch. If some Hatchlings are scared enough to resort to this, Liljenquist should have a great showing on June 26th.

Clark Nielson