Sen. Orrin Hatch is basing his campaign on the possibility of his becoming chair of the Senate Finance Committee. He is asking the people of Utah to send him back to the Senate a seventh time because of the increased political clout that can come to the state if he holds that position. Selecting Hatch for that reason would be the same as a voter in Illinois voting for Barack Obama because of the increased clout that comes to Illinois with a president from their state. It would be the same as a voter in Massachusetts voting for Mitt Romney because of increased political clout for their state if he were in the White House.

My point is not to compare Hatch to either of these presidential candidates; it is to expose the flaw in such logic. Any candidate should receive votes based on being the best qualified in the minds of the voter for the position in question — not based on their ability to wield a larger microphone than their opponent. Based on qualifications, in the mind of this voter it is Dan Liljenquist who is best prepared to handle the key issues of our nation in 2012.

David Miller