Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Kole Calhoun has been batting leadoff for the Bees since being sent back to Salt Lake after a three-week stint with the L.A. Angels.

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Q: So you make the move from Single-A to Triple-A this season, and a month and a half into the latter, you're with the Angels. You've got to be feeling pretty good right now, huh?

A: It's quite the jump, and I get that, but the big league team needed some help and I happened to be the right guy at the right time.

Q: Bees manager Kevin Johnson said that he moved you to the top of the batting lineup to make up for missed at-bats while you were with Los Angeles. Are you comfortable with that decision?

A: Absolutely. It's kind of what happens in the minor leagues a little bit when guys haven't had that live plate appearances. That's who is going to get the most at-bats in the game, so I get it.

Q: How has this Bees coaching staff helped you improve your game midway through the 2012 campaign?

A: It's been absolutely fantastic. These guys just help young guys like me, and they let the older guys help as well with the younger players. Being around the whole group, and seeing how everyone goes about their business, makes it a great situation to be in.

Q: Did your buddies with the Angels offer any profound advice while you were traveling with the MLB squad?

A: It was as simple as go out and play your game. It's not any different up there. The only difference is what you are going to make of it mentally. It's just kind of slow it down, and go out and play.

Q: What are you working on most to get the call-up again?

A: I have got to get more at-bats under my belt. The game is not any different up there, but it's a lot more efficient. Opponents pick a weakness, and you've got to adjust to that weakness that they are going to expose.

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Q: Your rookie season had you with the Orem Owlz, and last season you were in California with Single-A Inland Empire. Were you pleased to get the opportunity to come back to Utah and play baseball this year?

A: I loved playing down in Orem. The ball flies better up here, so that's really nice, but I was pumped to come back.

Q: You recently spent a few weeks with the Los Angeles Angels, how was that first experience with the MLB club?

A: It was awesome. It's where I've always wanted to be my entire life and I finally got there.