Tom Smart, Deseret News
A forum named, ÒA Community Stands up Ð Northern Utah Addresses LGBT Bullying and Suicide.Ó The panel raised concerns over removal of the book, "In Our Mothers' House," and it's the story of two homosexual women raising children in a "non- traditional household", in a Davis County Elementary School which placed the book "behind the counter," Monday, June 11, 2012, in Ogden, Utah.

Some parents from Windbridge Elementary school were upset about the book "In Our Mothers' House." They took their complaint to the school library media committee who decided it should be moved from the K-2 bookshelves to the grades 3-6 shelves.

The parents didn't like that decision so they collected 25 signatures from other parents and took it to the next level, the Davis County District Library Media Committee. On April 30, this group looked at the complaint and decided to move the book behind the librarian's desk and require a parental signature before checking out the book, effectively banning it. The policy of the Davis County School District is that this decision cannot be reconsidered or reversed for three years.

There was nothing about this April 30 meeting published before the meeting, only comments made by people afterwards objecting to the decision.

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Chris Williams, of the Davis County School District, says the only option for people is to submit the issue to the school board as an agenda item for a school board meeting.

Of course, there is no assurance that the board will accept the item and put it on the agenda. They are only required to post their agenda 24 hours in advance, leaving very little opportunity for anyone to even notice that the banning of books issue is before the school, let alone get prepared for a presentation to the school board.

What a shame.

Kathleen Dennis