Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Linda Clark, left, and Stephanie Tomlin join others in holding signs at the rally against a state regulatory agency allowing EnergySolutions to accept blended waste at its facility in Tooele County. A group of supporters of HEAL Utah gathers at a small rally at the headquarters of the Department of Environmental Quality Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012, before a meeting with the Radiation Control Board. They want to stop blended waste from being brought into the state.

The recent shake-up of EnergySolutions management again begs the question, what were we thinking when our pristine, clean state decided to haul into it what other states knew was dangerous and wanted to get rid of? If it was all right to store the waste, I'm sure other states would have stored it. You know, sometimes our state leaders look like they are void of any common sense.

EnergySolutions was really quite smart when it sold the idea to the Larry H. Miller Group to have them name the home of the Utah Jazz the "EnergySolutions Arena." It helped give EnergySolutions a feeling of respectability and honesty. Respectability and honesty are two qualities EnergySolutions doesn't deserve.

Stan Jacobson