As a former Boy Scout, I am disturbed by the Boy Scouts of America's consideration of relaxing a part of it's standards to allow a controversial choice to be allowed into an organization that was designed to build boys into better sons, husbands and fathers.

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I try to respect people despite their life choices, I really do. However, respect only goes so far. If a decision to relax standards within the Boy Scouts does come to pass, I cannot in good conscience support that decision.

It seems that in all of the shouting and screaming about what people try to bring about as equal and fair, the final part of the Scout Oath is forgotten. That part is, "To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight."

It is a sad thing when the heads of this organization that has been a staple in this nation for around a century is wanting to relax the morals that has made generations of people better.

Eric Green