OK, I get it. Sen. Orrin Hatch is a "nice guy." He's done some good things for our country in years past. But in recent years he becomes conservative only when he's running for re-election; otherwise he's a moderate.

I've voted for him six times now, sometimes reluctantly. Isn't it time that we "hold his feet to the fire," or is he exempt because he's a nice guy and we owe him loyalty? I don't owe loyalty to anyone in government. I only owe loyalty to my country and the Constitution. If Dan Liljenquist wins (and I hope he does), I plan on holding his feet to the fire, too.

Hatch seems to think that because he is older we should keep voting for him. He single handedly saved Hill Air Force Base and of course Rob Bishop and others had nothing to do with it (sarcasm off). Jim Hansen says, "I'm always worried about Hill." If that's true, and only Hatch can save it, then we should pray he runs again in six, 12 and 18 more years.

Debbie Larsen