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Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is interviewed in KSL studios Friday, March 23, 2012, in West Valley City, Utah.

Under the heading "Hatch's Pawn's" (Readers' Forum, May 18), Gerald Larsen goes far beyond expressing an opinion. He also tells us what Sen. Orrin Hatch's attitude is and assigns all voters the role of pawns in some multi-million dollar scheme which Hatch will achieve by not debating Liljenquist.

Oddly enough, as a voter I don't feel "slapped in the face," as Larsen alleges. Nor can I puzzle out how declining to debate will net Hatch "multi-millions" of dollars. As to power, I have always seen Hatch as a servant, and he has always seemed willing to assume that role.

Where's the power in that?

In short, it seems to me that Larsen's letter assumes much, but proves little. In the end, Hatch refuses to debate Liljenquist, which upsets me not at all, despite Larsen's assertions to the contrary.

Ron Russell

Salt Lake City