Tom Smart
Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell is a tremendous hazard to the environment and significantly adds to the West's water shortage. In order to reclaim the Colorado River and protect a precious water source, the Glen Canyon Dam needs to go and Lake Powell has to be drained.

More water is lost through seepage into the porous sandstone and evaporation in Lake Powell every year than the city of Los Angeles consumes annually. With the West rapidly growing, we cannot afford to lose this water in the arid Southwest. The tremendous amount of sediment that the river carries settles against the dam reducing the dam's ability to generate power. The years of silt build-up blocks water from the dam.

Energy experts now suggest the Glen Canyon Dam is not a significant power source. It is time for the Glen Canyon Dam to go. The cons far outweigh the pros. This change can only be made by the people it affects most, the citizens deprived of the water and natural beauty of the Colorado River.

Braden Parker

Salt Lake City