Our take: When ReShandra Billingsly Tate's young daughter posted a picture on Instagram that was inappropriate for her age, Tate nixed her daughter's online access immediately and made her daughter tell her online crowd why. Julie Hiramine, author of "Guardians of Purity" points out that parents must education kids and themselves about how to use online technologies in a way that is respectful of parents' boundaries and honors God.

ReShandra Billingsly Tates 12-year-old daughter posted a picture on Instragram (an interactive mobile picture sharing app) holding a bottle of vodka with a caption stating, Wish I could drink this vodka. ReShandra decided on a punishment that would match the misconduct.

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She posted a picture of her daughter holding a sign that read, Since I want to take pics holding liquor, I am obviously NOT ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what is and isnt appropriate to post. Bye-Bye.

Although the 12-year-olds face was not shown in the picture, this has been hugely debated since it went viral to more than 10,000 people within hours via Facebook and was covered by national media. I was immediately reaffirmed in my convictions about needing to diligently guard my children in the face of this whole new world of social media.

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