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Courtesy of Emory Cook
If Mitt Romney wins I'm moving to Amercia. —Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings joked on Twitter

The Romney campaign didn't get quite the rollout they had hoped for when they released their new mobile app only to find that "America" was misspelled, but the campaign remained focused even as the Internet had a field day.

The idea of the app was to get Mitt Romney fans to show their support for the newly-selected Republican presidential nominee by letting them take a photo, overlay the photo with their choice of 14 slogans like "Obama Isn't Working" and "The America We Love," and then share the photo through social media.

However, one of the slogans, which was supposed to say "A Better America," actually read "A Better Amercia."

Although the app has been fixed, the jokes were already amassing by the time the update came.

The blooper spawned its own Tumblr blog and #Amercia became one of the most discussed terms on Twitter Tuesday night. The Wall Street Journal collected and posted a variety of the Amercia jokes, calling it the "icing on the cake" to a strange day for politics.

"If Mitt Romney wins I'm moving to Amercia," Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings joked on Twitter.

The election probably won't come down to a single typo, Doug Gross at CNN wrote, and if anything, it's possible more people learned about the app because of the visible and much-discussed mistake.

While Amercia provided some humor to the 2012 campaign, Romney and President Barack Obama are preparing for a serious battle for the White House.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday shows Romney enjoying a sharp advance among women, which has boosted him to his highest favorability ratings of the presidential campaign. Obama still beats Romney in favorability, 52 to 41 percent. However, his 11-point margin has dropped from 21 points last month.

Glenn Hubbard, an economic adviser to Romney, told The Wall Street Journal that with the nomination concluded, Romney will soon detail proposals for health care and financial regulation, giving him a chance to draw a clear distinction between himself and Obama.

The proposals are said to include suggestions for replacing the new system for dismantling failing financial companies, a new system of consumer financial regulation and changes to housing finance.

Ann Romney may also be stepping into the spotlight more in the coming weeks, ABC News suggested, as the Romney campaign hired former Rick Santorum campaign national coalitions director Sarah Haley to be Ann's new press secretary.

Despite having some disagreements with some policy issues, Ann said she supports 90 percent of where her husband is, and that the country is at a fork in the road.

"I believe if Mitt wins, the country wins. If Mitt loses, the country loses," Ann told ABC News. "And I really believe that there is a sense in the country that we are in danger and that we have got to turn this country around."

With his opponent finally solidified, President Obama is looking to attack Romney with a new assault on Romney's record as the governor of Massachusetts, ABC reported Wednesday morning. Reuters followed up with a report saying that Romney picked winners and losers as the leader of the state, and The Washington Post launched an examination of Romney's record in appointing judges.