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Asher Swan, Deseret News
Artist Arlene Braithwaite during the SUMA Art Hike 2011.

It's an artistic experience on its way to becoming a tradition as art enthusiasts are given the chance to join artists on three different hikes in southern Utah as a way to explore the creative process.

The Southern Utah Museum of Art hikes offer a chance to learn how artists turn their interpretations of Utah's vistas into art, in addition to raising public awareness for the proposed museum.

On June 16, artist Steve Yates will hike into the Dixie National Forest from the Leeds Creek Kiln Trail. He plans to use photography to capture the landscape, and participants are encouraged to bring their own cameras on the hike.

Art-lovers can also explore Kolob Canyon with Anne Weiler-Brown on June 30, and the Summit Petroglyphs with Todd Prince on July 14.

Participants are welcome to bring their own art supplies, and should plan to bring a lunch, hiking shoes or boots, a minimum of one quart of water per person, a jacket and things like first aid kits and sunblock.

Get more information at www.suu.edu/pva/suma, or by calling 435-586-5462.