Logan Eliasen relied on prayer and God after becoming trapped in a cave in Iowa.

Our take: Theology student Logan Eliasen slipped and became trapped in a cave at the Maquoketa Caves State Park in Iowa. Eliasen was trapped for more than 20 hours, and rescuers had to chip and chisel away at the rock. In the end, he had to push himself up in order to be freed. Depleted of all strength after the ordeal, he credits God with pushing him out when he was too weak to do so himself.

A 20-year-old theology student trapped in a cave says rescuers did a remarkable job, but he says, God pushed me out.

Logan Eliasen became wedged between rocks while exploring a cave in Maquoketa Caves State Park over the weekend.

I slipped further and further down in a rut, in the cave and pretty soon my legs were stuck, my hips were stuck, my chest was stuck. I couldnt move, said Eliasen in an interview Monday at his parents home in Port Byron, Illinois.

I was so exhausted, hungry, tired. It was so cold. So cold, he said of his 20-hour ordeal. I just didnt have any strength left.

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