Our take: While some Indian parents rely on Hindu religious schools to provide instruction to their children, others have found schools to be inadequate in giving kids a well-rounded education in their faith. As a result, some parents living near Santa Monica, Calif., have started a home school-like program where parents alternate teaching.

Children are usually the primary complainers about Sunday school, but when Mudita Bahadur started looking for excuses not to take her children to the Hindu temple on Sunday, she knew she had to make a change.

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"One, it's dogmatic and two, it's inconvenient," she said of the Hindu classes held a 45-minute drive away from her home in Santa Monica, Calif.

Bahadur decided to take her children's religious education into her own hands. For the past three years, she and other Indian parents have been teaching their children about religion in each other's living rooms.

The do-it-yourself approach permits them to instill pride and progressive values in a traditional manner, the parents say.

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