Things got testy at last week's NATO summit in Chicago. President Obama had to ask the new president of France to tell the president of Pakistan he isn't talking to him any more.

And then when the new president of France insisted on withdrawing his troops from Afghanistan before anyone else, he found himself at a separate table with the president of Pakistan.

The real fun came when the lunch bill was presented and Germany's credit card was the only one that didn't come back rejected for being maxed out.

Meanwhile, out in the street protesters threw things at each other as they argued over how to reduce their list of favorite causes to a mere baker's dozen.

A sampling of their demands: Stop the war! Stop big banks! Stop pushing me from behind with that stick!

I know life moves quickly in the computer age, but this is ridiculous. In one week, Facebook went from the greatest cutting-edge idea of the computer age to the Hula Hoop.

After a dismal initial public offering, the social media site is reportedly changing its name to Losefacebook.

Who would have guessed that Wall Street investors wouldn't treat a collection of people playing "Farmville" all day as a potential gold mine?

So, only a few months after the last Space Shuttle flight, a private company has launched an unmanned rocket into space. North Korea must really feel stupid.

After hearing of the successful SpaceX launch, North Korean President Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered his country's private sector to build a rocket, too. As of yet, no one has had the courage yet to tell him he doesn't have a private sector.

Never the less, North Koreans are forging ahead, scouring the earth for an extra-strong propulsion-grade rubber band.

A group looking at mounting a Salt Lake bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics said last week they had overcome a major obstacle when U.S. and international leaders agreed on a revenue-sharing deal. This time, we can hope "revenue sharing" won't involve any scholarships or gifts to the children of International Olympic Committee members.

Last week a flight from Paris to North Carolina was detoured after a passenger claimed she had a bomb surgically implanted in her. Then, a passenger on a different flight tried to storm the cockpit after the plane landed in Miami. With drama like this, who needs an in-flight movie?

Al-Qaida is reportedly upset by all this. Apparently, it's hard to get attention on a flight with all this screaming going on.

Jay Evensen is the associate editor of the Deseret News editorial page. Follow him on Twitter @jayevensen.