Kiichiro Sato, AP
FILE - In this May 21, 2012 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks at a news conference in Chicago.

The health care bill signed into law some time ago by President Obama is now shamefully referred to as "Obamacare." I think this should be changed to "Obamacares" because it will provide health care coverage to everybody, not just to those who receive it through their places of employment.

The businesses who help their employees with subsidized insurance policies will most likely pass the expenses on to those who buy their products or use their services. So, who is paying for it? You and I. This being the case, I am now paying for my own health insurance and also support those who are getting help with their payments from their places of work.

Medicare also is not free. Those who are on Medicare have to pay a monthly premium. Medicare also doesn't cover it all. It becomes necessary for those on Medicare to get additional insurance to protect themselves.

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The unfortunate thing is that Medicare gets most of the people who need more medical attention in their older years. This being the case, the insurance premiums Medicare receives immediately go out to cover the ones who need it while the regular insurance companies have most of the ones who don't need it until their later years in life. That is why the insurance companies can make profits, while Medicare can't.

Universal health care would, in my opinion, be able to take better care of this problem and help save Medicare.

Albertus Van Dyk