The newspapers in this state have done a terrible job of reporting that there is actually a two-party system in Utah and that the U.S. Senate primary on June 26, a closed primary open to only registered Republicans, will elect our next U.S. senator from Utah. I consider this to be absolutely biased reporting.

There is an excellent Democratic candidate running for U.S. Senate in Utah. His name is Scott Howell, and he is a known commodity to both parties, having served as a legislator in Utah for a number of years. All Utah citizens, not just the Republicans, will have a chance to vote for our senator and hopefully select a representative of all the people.

Shame on the newspaper staffs for not reporting on the Democratic Party activities in this state. We had our largest state convention ever, with over 2,500 people attending.

I hope the newspaper staffs will see their error and start doing some fair and unbiased reporting.

Kathleen Dennis