Page Johnson
Jim Matheson

I was impressed by the passion in a recent editorial calling for a televised debate between Sen. Orrin Hatch and his opponent in the Republican Primary. I was wondering when the Deseret News was going to make similar comments about Jim Matheson refusing to debate his opponents? After all, Hatch has debated twice already and has a third debate scheduled, so shouldn't the focus be on the candidate who hasn't debated at all yet?

I agree that it is important for voters to have the opportunity to see candidates for office side by side on video. I just thought people should also know that they can already watch Hatch debate Dan Liljenquist. The Sutherland Institute has the debate available on their YouTube channel. It has been there since the debate took place in mid-April.

Maybe instead of slamming someone for debating three times instead of four, the Deseret News should also encourage the Democrat who hasn't debated at all. This seems like the more important case of voters being denied the chance to see candidates side by side.

Maria Jewkes Ostler

Spanish Fork