Latter-day Saints, Ty and Danielle Mansfield share their story and the struggles that Ty has faced with sam-sex attraction. Despite the fears of sharing such a private part of their lives, they decided they would, with the hope that it would help others facing similar trials.

I had pretty much concluded that I probably wouldnt marry in this life, and I had come to a place where I was okay with that. I had let go of any personal or cultural pressure to marry and was content to stay single. Then I had an experience in which I felt prompted to continue to prepare myself spiritually and emotionally for the blessing of marriage and leave the rest to the Lord.

In this area and so much of my life, I feel Ive had to live the principle President Boyd K. Packer taught of going to the edge of the light and [stepping] into the darkness to discover that the way is lighted ahead for just a footstep or two (That All May Be Edified (1982), 340). We have to put Him first today, taking the necessary steps of faith today, and simply trust Him to take care of tomorrow.

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