Our take: People interested in connecting to the teachings of Bible professor and pastor Gene Getz can use their smart phones to view videos thanks to the Life Essentials Study Bible. By linking Biblical principles to expanded segments with additional information, the Life Essentials Study Bible lets readers scan QR codes with their smart phones to learn more from the 1,500 principles Getz has linked.

A new high-tech study Bible is using QR (quick read) codes to connect readers via smart phones to video teaching by noted pastor and Bible professor Gene Getz.

The Life Essentials Study Bible relays 1,500 key principles Getz has drawn from Scripture over the years — principles relevant to Christians young and old as well as every people group throughout the world.

A QR code in the study notes for each of the 1,500 principles in the Life Essentials Study Bible links readers to an expanded video teaching segment by Getz of 15 minutes or less.

"These are applicational principles that tie together the entire redemption story," Getz said.

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