Deseret News
Inmates walk for exercise at the Utah State Prison Timpanogos Facility in Draper Thursday, April 5, 2012.

Our Legislature is at it again. After having a study completed that discouraged the move of the Utah State Prison from Draper, it wants to make it happen anyway. To make people happy, a study at the expense of the citizens of the state is once again being conducted.

No matter how you look at it, it is going to gouge the citizens' wallets. First, we have to build a brand-new prison. Second, the prison land will be sold, but not before we build a new prison. So where will we come up with the funds to build the prison? We the citizens. Third, the prison is moved but transportation costs for offenders will increase.

Fourth, employee loss will occur in the Utah County staff that will not commute to a new location. Utah County loses, as well as the citizens, in the loss of experienced officers. This is a lose-lose.

Michael Dee Oviatt