I am a senior at Bingham High School, and we recently had an assembly discussing the destructive and addictive nature of pornography. Many of my friends thought it would be pointless, so they just went home or to McDonalds instead of attending. Teens obviously aren't aware of, or just don't care about, the extremely harmful effects of pornography.

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Pornography affects the chemicals in the brain the same way addictive drugs do. We watched a video with testimonials of recent pornography addicts saying how destructive their addiction has been to their friends, to their families and in romantic relationships.

One student said the assembly was a joke because the assembly's best argument was that pornography destroys marriages. More and more teens are viewing marriage and sexuality as something short term and insignificant instead of something binding and long lasting.

These kinds of values can only be taught effectively in a consistent manner, most likely in the home. The assembly was a good idea, but the sad reality is that teens just don't care.

Sarah Cannon

South Jordan