Our take: Indonesia, home to the world's largest population of Muslims, has invited thousands of the world's Christian leaders to a prayer gathering where Christians will seek God's direction on how to reach the world with their message. The "World Prayer Assembly 2012" will have over 9,000 Christians representing 60 countries in the nation's capital city Jakarta.

Thousands of the world's Christian leaders are in Indonesia seeking God's guidance on how to transform the nations with Christ's message of love.

It's an historic prayer gathering in many ways, not the least of which is Indonesia's decision to host the event. The huge Southeast Asian island nation is home to the world's largest Muslim population.

"That's what we are well known for, but there's something else taking place in our country," one Indonesian woman said.

Her words echo a deep desire among Indonesia's minority Christians to make the name of Jesus Christ famous.

"We are a small percentage of the population, but we are compelled to tell others about Christ," the woman said.

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