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Jeff Foxworthy will be hosting a new game show called "The American Bible Challenge."

Our take: The Game Show Network is planning to air a Bible-based game show called "The American Bible Challenge" starring comedian Jeff Foxworthy as the host. The show will ask contestants not only Bible-based trivia type questions, but also will challenge them with questions that relate the Bible to modern issues and themes. Contestants will play to raise money for charities.

Are you ready for an exciting, family-friendly, Bible-based game show? If so, then youre in luck. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is slated to host The American Bible Challenge, a Christian-themed game show that will air on GSN (Game Show Network) this summer.

The show, which is being created as a collaborative project between GSN and the creators of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, will test contestants knowledge of Biblical themes. For believers and those who hold Christian ideals close to their hearts, the program will be a welcome addition to the array of often family-unfriendly programming on the small screen.

The American Bible Challenge wont merely focus upon questions designed to explore the past historical significance of scripture. It will, in fact, also delve into the ways in which historys best-selling book impacts contemporary culture, as teams compete in an effort to win monies for specified charities.

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