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Lacey Buchanan discusses her son's rare deformity in a video.

Our take: Christian Buchanan's mom, Lacey, has faced seemingly insurmountable challenges with her first and only child. Christian was born with a severe cleft palate and was missing his eyes, a rare condition affecting only 50 people in the world. With stares and rude comments and remarks that she should have aborted her son following her wherever she went with Christian, Lacey posted a video on GodTube showing how confident she was in her decision to give Christian life and love.

A video that is starting to make its rounds on the Web, although it was posted about a month ago, shows the trials of a young mothers decision to go through with having a baby whose face would be severely deformed. It wasnt the decision of whether or not to have him that she found difficult but the criticism and stares from strangers she received after.

Lacey Buchanan details in a flash-card style self-video posted on GodTube the Christian version of YouTube how her son Christian came to be, the whispers she endures because of his appearance, and how she ultimately overcame it.

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The Right Choice from laceybuchanan on GodTube.