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New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez speaks about her paternal grandfather who was a U.S. citizen in 1942.

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In a lengthy profile at The Daily Beast, writer Andrew Romano posits that Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico is what the Republican party must become — and exactly what the Romney campaign needs.

"Within minutes of meeting me in Santa Fe one morning last month, she is speaking fluent Spanish, reminiscing about the .357 magnum she acquired at age 18, and describing her family's mom-and-pop security business back in El Paso," Romano wrote. "A scout from Boston would have been very pleased."

When the vice presidential buzz surrounding her first began, Martinez said that if asked to step into the VP spot on a Romney ticket, she would say no. However, the talk continues, from a recent Washington Post veepstakes ranking to praise from GOP strategist Mark McKinnon.

Martinez became a Republican after attending a lunch with some conservatives and finding many areas of agreement. Martinez is pro-welfare reform and pro-Second Amendment, and she is opposed to higher taxes and abortion.

Martinez believes that a lot of Hispanics are actually Republicans at heart, having grown up with the same beliefs she did, but that they need to be properly persuaded.

"As a Hispanic, I grew up this way," she said. "I didn't suddenly become conservative. It was only the label that changed."