Our take: Following a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, an international fundraising effort has begun to help provide relief with the help of celebrity chefs. By publishing a cookbook featuring recipes from award-winning chefs, Orphans Aid International has been able to raise $20,000 so far to help with the rebuilding of devastated areas.

An international fundraising initiative to help the people of Christchurch rebuild their city following the devastating Canterbury Earthquakes, has been launched in New Zealand.

The Paris Cookbook Fair Chefs Charity Cookbook features an impressive line up of international celebrity chefs including Chef Wan, Chef Ramzi, Bob Blumer, Rose Elliot, and Chakall. After being launched in Paris in March it is now available for purchase in New Zealand.

Initiated by Orphans Aid International's CEO and founder, Sue van Schreven, the cookbook features more than 30 recipes by famous and award-winning chefs, many of whom have their own television shows, and has already proven to be an international hit.

"I can see us doing a lot of re-prints. I'm hoping this is something we can get revenue from for a long time for Christchurch."

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