Tom Smart, Deseret News
Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch

I have written many letters and emails to Sen. Orrin Hatch. I have never failed to receive an in-depth answer to any of my questions or complaints. This was not always true with Sen. Bob Bennett who scarcely ever answered his correspondence, which is why I voted against him.

You cannot ask more of a man than that he faithfully fulfills his elected office. Hatch has always been a good and faithful servant of his constituents. Regardless of his age, he deserves to be re-elected. His opponent wants his job. I don't know if he could do it as well, but I do know that he could not do it any better. I am a right-of-middle conservative. I have not always been pleased with the GOP, but I have never been displeased with Hatch.

Ron Russell

Salt Lake City