Patrick Mcelhenney, Fox
Brennan (Emily Deschanel) with her new baby daughter in "Bones." Deschanel had a baby boy in real life.

Q: Besides having a baby on "Bones," we know that Emily Deschanel has a baby of her own. Is she married? And how is she related to the girl who plays the lead on "New Girl"?

A: Emily Deschanel, who plays Temperance Brennan on Fox's "Bones," is married to actor-writer-producer David Hornsby of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Unsupervised" and other shows. They wed in September 2010. A year later they welcomed their first child, a son named Henry. Emily Deschanel is the older sister of Zooey Deschanel of "New Girl." They are daughters of Caleb Deschanel, a well-regarded cinematographer and director, and actress Mary Jo Deschanel.

Q: Could you please tell me what happened to "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network, one of my favorite shows? Is it gone for good?

A: Yes. The series ended its run in 2011.

Q: I know that Robert Redford will be 75 in August. But will we ever see him in front of the camera again? Has Hollywood turned its back on him because he never fit that life? Christopher Plummer at 82 just got an Oscar. Certainly, there's something for "my Bob."

A: Redford can still step onscreen when he chooses. While he did not appear in his last directorial effort, "The Conspirator," he has a couple of acting jobs in the works. One is "The Company You Keep," which Redford also directed. Based on the novel by Neil Gordon, it has Redford as a "60s radical still hiding from the law. Redford is also attached to "All Is Lost," a film written and directed by College of Wooster alum J.C. Chandor; according to the Cinema Blend website, it involves a man trying to survive after being left adrift at sea. It is due to shoot this summer.

Q: Thanks to Netflix, I've recently ignited my old love for the show "Reaper." I've finished both seasons in a matter of days. The second season ended in a huge cliffhanger but I discovered it was canceled. I just wanted to know if there is any chance of a Season 3 and if not, why was it canceled? It was a great show.

A: I also liked the supernatural comedy-drama about a young man (Bret Harrison) working for the devil (Ray Wise) to catch people who have escaped from hell. But the CW dropped it after two seasons after disappointing ratings. While there was reportedly an attempt to continue the show in syndication or to a cable network, that did not pan out and the cast and producers moved on to other projects.

As for the cliffhanger issue, "Reaper" creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters gave an interview to the website where they discussed some of what would have happened in the third season. For starters, Sam (Harrison's character) proves not to be the Devil's son, as was widely assumed. Instead, he is the half-demon/ half-human son of his human mother and demon father — and Sam inherited his powers from his father. The Devil feared that Sam could be his downfall — but if he could turn Sam bad, then Sam would no longer be a threat.

Q: How much did the Jack Russell terrier who played the part of Eddie on "Frasier" make per episode?

A: Moose, the terrier who played Eddie on the Kelsey Grammer sitcom for most of its run, reportedly made more than $10,000 per episode in his prime and had an accumulated fortune of $3.2 million. When Moose died in 2006, the BBC noted that at one point, he was getting more fan mail than the human stars on the show. Moose's son Enzo would at times double for Moose and, after Moose retired, Enzo succeeded him. Enzo died in 2010.

Q: Is money the reason for the two soap operas being canceled on ABC recently or is it perhaps part of the ongoing revolution in the USA to establish a theocratic oligarchy?

A: It's money.

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