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Winners and runners-up for the Southwest region of the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholars Competition were announced Thursday, April 12, on the campus of Dixie State College in St. George.

One-hundred-seventy-four students representing 13 high schools and five school districts participated in this year's competition.

Each of the finalists was judged on materials presented in his or her portfolio representing scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Judges also interviewed and scored candidates. The three judges for each category came from local communities, Dixie State College and Southern Utah University.

The finalists and their families were invited to attend a banquet held in their honor, where the winners were announced. President Stephen D. Nadauld, president of Dixie State College, was the guest speaker encouraging the students to continually improve themselves both educationally and as human beings.

Musical selections throughout the program were performed by Sterling Scholar nominees within the region, including Brenna Sussette Reimer of Pine View High School, Kylee Orton of Parowan High School, Kaden Lynn Foremaster of Enterprise High School and Joseph Palmer of Cedar High School.

Winners received a Sterling Silver pin along with a cash prize to put toward his or her college expenses. Each of the sterling scholar winners from the five regions around the state is offered his or her choice of scholarship to 15 colleges and universities throughout the state.

Names of winners and runners up in each category are as follows:

Kyle Stevens

Canyon View High School

Runners-up: Jeremy Pickering, Enterprise High School; Jessica Savage, Cedar High School

Shawn Hirschi

Pine View High School

Runners-up: Marlee Gubler, Desert Hills High School; Bradley Wood, Snow Canyon High School

Kayla Rolfe

Snow Canyon High School

Runners-up: Bree Hansen, Desert Hills High School; Shelby Hulet, Canyon View High School

Bryson Moeller

Pine View High School

Runners-up: Sarah E.A. Gohier, Canyon View High School; Mary Jane Leavitt, Cedar High School

Sydney Dawson

Canyon View High School

Runners-up: Tavia Orr, Desert Hills High School; Andressa Johanson, Hurricane High School

Eric Meissner

Canyon View High School

Runners-up: Bredyn McCombs, Snow Canyon High School; Justin Brunson, Cedar High School

Miquelle Leslie

Pine View High School

Runners-up: Erin O'Sullivan, Kanab High School; Chelsey Zortman, Canyon View High School

Megan Williams

Desert Hills High School

Runners-up: Lucas Wilson, Cedar High School; Brynna Boettcher, Snow Canyon High School

Rachel Rogers

Valley High School

Runners-up: Madison Clymore, Desert Hills High School; Esther Warrick, Canyon View High School

Macy Henderson

Canyon View High School

Runners-up: Leah Heger, Snow Canyon High School; Tyler Reese, Valley High School

Richie Sauceda

Cedar High School

Runners-up: Austin Burton, Canyon View High School; Tyler Staheli, Pine View High School

Toshiko Becker

Dixie High School

Runners-up: Kaitlyn Child, Canyon View High School; Hannah Zweifel, Kanab High School

Abbey Hafen

Snow Canyon High School

Runners-up: Peter Brown, Dixie High School; Melodie Farnsworth, Beaver High School

Irfan Mahmud

Snow Canyon High School

Runners-up: Brett Taylor Schill, Enterprise High School; Alex Jolley, Cedar High School

Logan Ruesch

Parowan High School

Runners-up: Emily Kitchen, Beaver High School; Darren Robinson, Canyon View High School