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Jeremiah Wright

Our take: Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, is best known for being the pastor of President Barack Obama for nearly two decades. Following Obama's election, Wright has not had as strong of a presence until he recently decided to speak at a Washington, D.C., conference, along with other pastors, about reaching out to engage young Christians who are straying from organized religion.

Jeremiah Wright: Lightning rod. Jeremiah Wright: Youth leader?

The lightning rod pastor has been largely out of the public eye in recent years, but on Tuesday will be addressing a conference in DC about how to reach young Christians who have drifted from the institutional church.

The Rev. Amy Butler, who leads the large, progressive Calvary Baptist Church, said Wrights voice is an important one, particularly for young Christians. The controversy that engulfed him during the 2008 presidential race, Butler said, allows him to attract people who are talking and thinking about cutting edge ideas in the church in general.

For decades Wright was the leader of the Chicago-based, 6,000-member Trinity United Church of Christ, but retired in May 2008. According to his bio, he now spends time preaching, teaching and leading study tours to Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean.

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