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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has gotten a lot of criticism for being a Mormon. While I agree that we shouldn't write someone off for being one thing or another, religion is a deciding factor in whom we vote for.

I'm a senior at Bingham High School, and I will be voting this year. If a candidate is a member of a religion that supported homicide and abuse, then that would be a deciding factor in whom I vote for. What they practice shows their character and the kinds of values that they support and take with them into office. However, the LDS church supports strong families and staying out of debt.

Romney proved himself to be financially competent in the Olympics, and we desperately need this now. Whether you vote one way or another, don't let "socially unacceptable" things slide, because they are important. We skirt around topics that are considered untouchable without realizing that we're blinding ourselves. Religion is an important issue.

Jessica Kerby

South Jordan