Much has been said about sharing the pain of the government debt. Solutions offered include taxing the rich, sales tax on real estate sales (to start in 2013) and other revenue enhancing schemes.

The real problem is spending. Government claims that they can't touch Social Security or Medicare — or other entitlements. Social Security has little resemblance to the original act passed in the 1930s during the Depression years. It has been modified to include disabled persons, dependent children, housing and other vote-getting measures from people who pay no income tax.

It was further modified by using the trust fund to bolster general spending. While the contributions to Social Security were sold to the public as never to be increased, they have — not because Social Security originally required it, but because Congress implemented all these other programs.

The solution to our debt problem is to find senators and representatives who will stop pandering to the special interests and take positive action to stop spending prolific amounts of money on things not enumerated in the Constitution. Entitlement is a fallacy and must be addressed as well.

Doug Slater