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Steve Young

Simple math says that BYU will never be dominant in the money sports (football and men's basketball) again. In 1984, BYU was a "pretty good" school academically, and the average ACT score of a BYU student was 19. To get into BYU's Honors Program required an ACT score of 27.

Today, BYU is an academic powerhouse. The average test score today is 27. Today's average Zoobie is a near-genius.

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College athletes have to keep a good GPA and stay on track for graduation. That's a lot tougher now than it was in the days of Steve Young and Danny Ainge. Athletes at BYU compete with the geniuses every day for grades just to stay eligible.

Very few top notch schools go to BCS bowl games. The ones that do are much larger names than BYU. Add in the Honor Code, and it's a dead certainty: no BCS for Bronco, and Dave Rose won't be cutting down the NCAA nets. I'm a longtime Cougar fan, but we have to face facts.

Steve Setzer