I could not more heartily agree with the call of various members of the public for resignations, from the governor on down, of all public officials who have supposed oversight over the massive breach of Medicaid data.

The offer of free credit monitoring for one year is so miniscule, a remedy that it is an outright insult. What happens after the year expires? Will the thieves automatically go away?

And just to clarify, I am not now nor have I ever been a client of Medicaid. The woman I spoke with at the Department of Health told me that Medicaid is automatically billed, whether or not the patient is a Medicaid client. It happens that I have always had private health insurance.

Are the health care providers so greedy that they bill Medicaid even when people are not clients? And they do such billings without the knowledge or informed consent of the general public?

Someone should be held accountable over this massive breach, beginning with our governor. His public response reminds me of little Shirley Temple singing and tap dancing coyly. It is a charming shtick for a four-year old. For a man who is supposed to be a responsible leader of our state, not so much.

Sidney Jude Moormeister

Salt Lake City