The transition from high school to college is a time of major decisions. Where and when to go to school are the foremost questions on the minds of many soon-to-be-graduated high school seniors. These decisions have consequences which will affect the rest of a student's life.

However, making these decisions can be made difficult by the universities in consideration. For several universities in Utah, a payment for housing is required before scholarships to the school are announced. For example, this year at BYU, a decision for roommate preference for incoming freshman was due on March 7, a full month before scholarships were announced.

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The housing selections began on March 27, along with a $50 non-refundable fee which is required when confirming a selection. However, the scholarships were not announced until April 10. Students applying for college are required to make decisions on housing before they know if they will have a scholarship to that school. A student may not get a scholarship that he or she is hoping for and be unable to attend the school.

If they may end up choosing to attend a different school, then why are they required to pay a fee before they have sufficient information to make an educated decision? It is not acceptable to make students pay fees and decide on housing when they do not know if they will be attending that school.

Jake Anderson