There are many important issues for voters to consider in November: health care, immigration, border security, homeland security, taxes, national debt, etc. Some voters make their choice based on a single issue. The most important issue and the one that should be the top priority for every American is the economy.

From our U.S. economy flows all of the things that will make our lives enjoyable. Even the good things that government does for us is derived from taxes that come from the economy. Government does not create wealth; it consumes and distributes wealth.

Many have good ideas to improve the economy, but there is a consensus that taxes and regulations tend to slow the economy. If the economy is healthy and robust, it can be taxed at a higher rate and still flourish. The top priority for Mitt Romney is to improve the economy, and he knows how to do it.

The top priority for President Obama is to raise taxes on the top 1 percent. This will bring in an extra $5 billion per year. Even the president admits that this will do nothing for the economy and is more to implement his idea of fairness. It looks like an easy choice for voters.

Blaine R. McCann

Pleasant Grove