I think we would have been better off if the Republican state delegates would have just gone ahead and selected Sen. Orrin Hatch. In a recent Tribune article, it showed more than 60 percent of Utah Republican voters support our senior senator. Do the delegates not have a responsibility to follow the will of the people?

There are many key Senate races around the country, and the battle between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will require all Republican hands on deck. If the delegates would have voted in line with the majority's wishes, then Hatch could be lending his considerable clout and support in other elections. Republicans could be united and work toward gaining control of the Senate and putting a conservative in the Oval Office.

On a national level, there has been a call for Republicans to unite behind Romney. Romney has explicitly stated that he will need Hatch in the Senate when he takes office. If Dan Liljenquist cares about the GOP and this nation's future, he should gracefully withdraw rather than wait to be defeated in June. This would allow all of us to focus on the national election.

David H. Horne

Salt Lake City